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We provide solutions for your everyday needs.

Logistic Equipment

We trade in a wide range of logistics equipment by all means not exhaustive, include General Purpose Marine Containers (GPs), Refrigerated Containers, ISO Tank Containers, Flat-Racks, which constitutes a robust pillar of our core operating business model.  We even offer customers to lease on both short and long term to better meet their operational and budgetary needs.  Adding to our comprehensive list of logistics equipment, we also offer unique equipment such as beer tanks, wine tanks, double-barrel tanks, powder- cargo containers and more.

Ancillary Products

To support our focal logistics equipment activities, our Group has backward integrated to supply spare parts for the logistics equipment.  Including spare parts for General Purpose Marine Containers, Refrigerated Containers and ISO Tank Containers.

Industrial Equipment

Our strong knowledge of the industry has propelled us to expand into trading and leasing of heavy industrial equipment such as cranes, forklifts and container top lifters.

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With 35 years of combined experience, we have the know-how you need.
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