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We provide solutions for your everyday needs.

Logistics Equipment Design and Customizaton

With our Group’s vast experience and technical knowledge in logistics equipment, we can cater to our customers’ need for customization.  We have transformed standard ISO Tanks to special-lined tanks for the carriage of restricted products, standard General Purpose Marine Containers to Open-Side Containers to facilitate ease of cargo loading and unloading in domestic distribution. Developing many other designs, we have undertaken in creating higher-efficiency cement trucks, ease-of-use powder containers and more.


These new designs had greatly benefited our customers in improving productivity, reducing operational costs and enhancing safety standard.  All customers need to do is to reflect their business difficulties and our design team shall do their utmost to provide customized design solutions which still comply with the regulation.

Works Design and Consultation Services

Our Group placed great emphasis on continual innovation and development.  Our team of specialists has presented solutions to improvise workflows, inventive methods of recycling resources in chemical plants, and many other practical and innovative ideas which not only solve our customers’ technical and operational obstacles but most importantly to help our clients to cut costs drastically.

Innovative Products

Our Group’s belief in the constant pursuit of advancement has led us to discover industry’s innovative product such as our CQ coating which significantly enhances the lastingness of container floorboard.  This product has considerably helped our customers and us in cutting costs in operations.

In line with our Group’s commitment to providing cost-effective products, our team has developed and designed our own Refrigerated Container’s Clip-On Generator-Set which is the most economical in the market currently.  Our UB™Clip-On Generator-Set is a fraction of the price of others and comes with product warranty to give or customers ultimate product quality assurance.  All made possible due to our Group having our design engineering team with technical knowledge, experience and technological innovation.

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With 35 years of combined experience, we have the know-how you need.
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