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Management, Development and Consulation

We provide solutions for your everyday needs.

Depot Management

Experiences accumulated through the years had propelled our advancement into depot management.  We have established a partnership in Port Klang for a tank base.

To capitalize on the success of this depot, our Group is embarking on overseas development and expansion plans for depot businesses.

Depot owners globally have also sought our consultation services on base structure re-design, depot management revamping, workflow planning and technical works.  Our Group values cross-borders collaboration and wishes to achieve global seamless alliances with global depots.

Business Management

Witnessing our success in management and development of the depots and our Group’s individual business units, customers are increasingly approaching us to provide management services for their units of activities of related industries as well. This encouraging phenomenon has produced another niche business for our Group.

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With 35 years of combined experience, we have the know-how you need.
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