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Teo Pei Shan

Teo Pei Shan

Pei Shan, who joined Neptune Centuries Holdings on 1 January 2003 as a Sales Associate, has been on a remarkable journey of growth and achievement within our organization. Through her unwavering dedication, she climbed the ranks, eventually becoming Operations Manager at NCHO Engineering & Services Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Neptune Centuries Holdings.

Recognized for her exceptional expertise in ISO tank containers, Pei Shan assumed the role of Director at Nerio Marine & Logistics (NML) in 2017. In this pivotal position, she led the establishment of a specialized team responsible for liquid cargo transport services.

As NML's Director, Pei Shan's responsibilities encompass leadership, planning, management, and global expansion. She is both a problem solver and a troubleshooter, dedicated to enhancing our service quality and equipment standards.

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