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OUR Story

Headquartered in Singapore, the Neptune Centuries Group of Companies has over the years expanded beyond local shores and currently enjoys a network presence throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Our success over the years has been fuelled by a firm commitment towards our vision of becoming “Your Preferred Partner”.

In our years of establishment, we have built a huge and significant clientele base that includes several key industry movers and this has served to enhance our advancement over the years. Through the upholding of customer interest and business integrity, we strive to bring the best value to our clients.

Our Story

Commitments to our stakeholders


"Giving our utmost in providing the best value products and services while achieving maximum customer satisfaction."


"Grooming our employees to develop to their fullest capabilities through training programs, job development and providing opportunities for employees to grow independently to head individual business units and eventually becoming our shareholders!  We believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us."


"Generating sustainable growth and achieve maximum profitability."


"Bring supplier-customer relationship platform to advance into that of business partners."

Business Partners: 

"Creating seamless strategic alliances with global industry players to create synergy in cross-borders collaborations."

Society and Environment:

"Increasing monetary contribution to non-profit organisations and active participation in more community activities."

OUR Group of Subsidiaries
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Affiliated Companies

NCHO Sdn Bhd

Davis Neptune Sdn Bhd

Hiap Lat General Engineering Contractor

Neptune Centuries (Hong Kong) Limited

Niton Marine Logistics Sdn Bhd

Marine Tanker Services Pte Ltd

PT. Bahari Ventura Sejahtera

PT. Neptune Ultra Bahari

Next Alliance Pte Ltd

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